Ben Rigas

First time at WWDC

I’m always excited when WWDC is coming up. You never know what new products or features will be announced, but you know they will be awesome. I’m especially excited this year because I’ll be attending the conference for the first time.

I’ve always watched the keynote and developer sessions online, so I kind of know what to expect there. I’ve been to CTIA several times in San Francisco, so I kind of know what to expect from the location. The combination of the two will be really freaking awesome.

I’ve always felt somewhat isolated as a software engineer, most people I talk to don’t really know what the hell I actually do for a living. So the thing I’m most excited about, and probably least prepared for, is being around so many other developers like me. I work with some really smart people, but it’s hard to imagine 5000 other really smart people in the same place.